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9 Most OUTRAGEOUS YouTuber Closet Tours

If you’re an OG YouTube fan you can probably remember the days when your favorite YouTubers were actually relatable and filmed their videos from their completely normal bedrooms which looked like our own.

But those days are long gone, so we’re about to take you inside the most mind-blowing part of these YouTubers insanely impressive homes: their closets

These closets have everything from crystal chandeliers, to floor-to-ceiling shelves of Louboutins, to walls of Birkin Bags, and even a bullet proof steel locked door, yeah, don’t worry, we’ll get to that.

But anyway, we’re here to give you a look inside some of your favorite YouTubers closets like Jeffree Star’s, Jaclyn Hill’s, and Patrick Starr’s.

So let’s count down the 9 best YouTube closet tours, right here on Listed.

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